Every home has a beautiful story to tell and the shutters and blinds add beguiling chapters to that story. At Shades of Australia, we understand that and so have brought forth a plethora of designs, shades and textures in shutters, blinds, drapes and curtains. Your home is the reflection of your taste and preferences and Shades of Australia is here to assist you in decorating your house as per your vision so that it can become the home of your dreams.

Blinds and shutters are essential to reinforce the thermal and acoustic efficiency of windows. When choosing a model or material, you have to keep in mind the climate and orientation of your home and study the option that best matches the style of the house, the environment and the interior view of the house. Our experts can aid you in finding the most appealing and durable solutions to increase the comfort and beauty of your home. 

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They help in maintaining a constant interior temperature, stop harsh light from penetrating inside, provide privacy, security and attenuation of exterior noise. The types of blinds are mainly classified according to the material with which they are built, the type of slat and the location of the roller drawer, included or independent of the carpentry.


They have a wider field of application thanks to the different opening systems available- from feasible sliding to folding or lifting. It is easy to combine with the window or the balcony door, in addition to offering greater aesthetic integration on the facade and with the interior.


Beautiful and elegant, curtains add a sublime touch to homes. Available in various fabrics and designs, they can be purchased in lighter shades as well as darker based on your choice. Luxurious drapes are also available here.

Plantation shutters 

They are made of solid wood and very suitable for cold climates. They can also be combined with an iron or galvanized steel frame. They are also ideal for rustic and classic environments.

Lattice shutters 

They consist of a perimeter frame to which fixed or adjustable slats are assembled. They are ideal for humid and maritime climates because they allow the window to be protected from the sun and mist, without losing ventilation, as is the case with Majorcan windows.

PVC and Wooden Shutters

Aluminium or PVC shutters require much less maintenance and are extremely durable. However, Wooden shutters are favoured for their aesthetic quality, in addition to being a characteristic hallmark of certain rural and historic building styles.

Sliding Shutters

Sliding shutters can be installed in the wall chamber or be free on the facade. They can also be placed on the outside of a balcony, providing a filter between the street and the interior.

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