Do shutters add more value to a home?

Most shutters are permanent fixtures which are usually left in place when moving home. They are perceived to be a valuable addition to your home and might also make a difference to the sale price of your home as they are counted among the fixtures and fittings.

What is the best material for exterior shutters?

While all shutters are made for durability that will withstand the elements, polyresin and aluminium shutters are often preferred due to their affordability and practicality for high moisture areas.

How long do timber shutters last?

Timber shutters are known for their understated elegance and durability. Most timber shutters can easily last for a decade or more, depending on how they are used and maintained. Having them painted with water repellant paint is good for their durability.

Which are better, curtains or blinds?

While both curtains and blinds provide light control, curtains are known to give better light control and sound absorption, due to the nature of their installation. Blinds on the other hand, provide more practicality, especially during the summer months. So you can choose between them depending on what is more important to you.

Can you use blinds for exteriors?

Exterior roller blinds are gaining popularity as they can be used not only on windows, but almost any outdoor living space. At Shades of Australia, we also stock the premium Verosol Silverscreen blinds, which are made from solar control fabrics for better temperature regulation.

Can you use different window coverings together?

Yes you can. The intensity of light and shade can really change the vibe of any space, and experimenting with multiple types of window coverings at the same time can create a new look. You can mix and match shutters and curtains, shutters and shades, blinds and curtains and so on, depending on your needs and aesthetic requirements.