Looking to give a window treatment to your home in Middle Park? Look no further than blinds. Apart from controlling light, blinds come in a variety of options, are cost effective, and beautify the aesthetics of any home.

But with so many types of blinds to choose from, it can get intimidating to pick the right one for your windows. To make things easier, we’ve curated 5 types of beautiful blinds that can stylize any home. Pick any of these for a dazzling window treatment.


The most popular of the bunch, Venetian blinds remain a classic choice for window treatments. These blinds have a stacked design where the slats are placed in horizontal fashion joined by cords or a piece of fabric. The slats are controlled by pulling the cord which can be adjusted to one’s liking.

There are several materials that are used to make Venetian blinds like wood, plastic, and metal. Blending the best of functionality and style, these blinds offer good light control. Ideal for narrow windows, they add a distinct vibe to any interiors especially office spaces, bedrooms, and the kitchen.

Venetian blinds are also available in cordless options to prevent little children or toddlers from entangling.


Panel track blinds consist of panels made of fabric which suspend from a track above the window or door and move from one side to the other.

Compared to vertical blinds, panel track blinds are more flexible. In vertical blinds you can only pull the slats to a particular side whereas panel track blinds let you move the slats in different directions. This offers even greater light control for your space.

Thanks to their operability, panel track blinds are suited for spaces with large rooms or doorways. You can mount these blinds to your window or doorway to give your space a much cleaner aesthetic.


Made of a single fabric, a roller blind rolls along a casing to allow or block the passage of light through a window. They work by pulling a cord attached to them and can be easily operated.

Roller blinds come in a range of fabric designs, colors, or finishings and can fit both small and large sized windows. So if you need to quickly revamp your interiors in the simplest way possible, roller blinds are the way to go.

You can also buy moisture-resistant and flame retardant blinds to suit various environments.


Also known as pleated shades, pleated blinds are made from special pleated fabric that folds flat and sits atop a window. Pleated blinds are categorized in different ways such as classic pleated blinds, SPC pleated blinds, and cellular pleated blinds.

The decorative variety of pleated blinds make them perfect for any window, especially smaller ones with a range of colors, shapes and patterns to choose from.

Unlike other blinds, the light material in pleated blinds doesn’t completely block sunlight. This allows you to brighten up a space with softer light that’s not too harsh. Pleated blinds also cost less compared to Roman or Venetian blinds.


Roman blinds are another attractive option to stylize home interiors. They are made using fabrics that are pleated once raised. The slats in Roman blinds are mounted at the back of the fabrics. As the blinds are lifted the slats are pulled together which results in them forming into pleats.

We recommend Roman blinds if you want to give your room a heavier design aesthetic. You can choose from a variety of fabric options like linen to cotton, silk and synthetic materials.

Roman blinds can also be considered as a replacement for your curtains thanks to the availability of excellent fabric options.

Now that you know the best type of blinds you can pick any to spruce up your windows and overall home decor. Make sure you choose those that complement your curtains or other aspects of your interiors.

You can also get your blinds directly from us. We at Shades of Australia offer a solid range of window blinds that are known for their aesthetics and quality. Visit our showroom or get in touch with us for more information.