Shutters make a great addition to any home. Be it protection against harsh sunlight, rain and snow or adding a bit of pizzazz and elegance to your space, fancy shutters do it all.

But buying the right type of shutter for your home isn’t always an easy feat. Whether you’re considering shutters for windows, sliding doors, or other areas, you can be bogged down with several things when choosing.

Here are six key things to remember to make your purchase hassle-free:


Before you start, determine where you want to install the shutters. Shutters can be installed both on the interior as well as the exterior of your home.

While some may prefer having their shutters indoors to jazz up their interiors, others might install them on the outside of their doorway or window to compliment their home’s exterior.

Knowing where the shutters will go can give you an idea of what to choose best.


Shutters are made of different materials and wood types like brasswood, pine, faux wood, MDF, PVC, and polyresin. As different materials have different properties, getting shutters depending on the surrounding environment is always better.

For instance, in bathrooms or other wet areas waterproof shutters are more suitable. For large windows, hardwood would prove as a better option since they last longer.


Getting the right-sized shutters will depend on the measurement of your windows or doors you want covered. Remember, shutter sizes vary for different door or window types. Shutters for regular doors will be smaller compared to full height shutters.

Try to get accurate dimensions of your doorway or window to see how the shutters will fit them.


The overall style of your windows or doorway are just as important to consider. This is to make sure the shutter panels complement them.

There are a range of shutter styles to choose from. You can get shutters in Kenmore of various shapes like circular or triangular to suit your decor so try to find the ideal ones that will go well with your space.


Louvres are the horizontal blades attached to the shutters that do the job of regulating light passage. Louvres size depends on the overall dimensions of your shutter but could vary across different factors.

Based on how much light or air you need to pass through the shutter, you can select the appropriate louvres size.


Lastly, you’d want to choose the right color for your shutters. Colors impact the aesthetics and mood of your space so you’ll want to choose a color that harmonises with your room’s color scheme.

Look at the surrounding colors in your interiors or exteriors to get an idea. Black and gray color schemes give a classic look and feel. Whites can look good on walls with dark-toned hues. No matter what you pick, make sure it blends well with your space.

Whether it’s the size, color, or style, choosing the right shutter can drain you. But, with these six pointers you can streamline your shutters purchase without wasting any time and energy.

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