Curtains are a wonderful way to enliven any space. They not only provide a sense of warmth and comfort by managing the light inside the room and providing privacy when needed, but can also be used to bring in a burst of colour and elegance to an otherwise regular space. Curtains are not just a piece of fabric. They are the window dressings that you can never go wrong with. It is no surprise then that curtains are one of the most sought after décor elements near Brisbane, especially for those looking to do up their home or apartment.

Having said this, the wrong choice of curtains can completely mar the look of a space whereas the right selection can uplift the vibe of the space. Therefore, it helps to consider a few factors so that you should consider while buying curtains so that they meet your utility and aesthetic needs.

Tips to select the right curtain

  • Fabric: Each fabric will lend a different type of feel to the space. So you might want to choose a breezy, lacy fabric for your living and resting spaces, while use a more opaque fabric for a work space.
  • Colour: This one doesn’t need any explanation. Colours which complement, and not necessarily match the other décor elements usually tend to work the best.
  • Length: This will be dependent not only on the size of the windows, but also the level of shade and privacy needed. Some of our clients prefer half length curtains for the lower part of the windows, and leave the upper part open to let in the natural light.
  • Style: This is completely a personal preference. It is easy to get swayed and confused by the sheer variety of styles available, and choose one that you may eventually regret once you actually have them home. Having a specific set of styles in mind will allow you to do a more focused search.

Our curtains bring beauty and quality together

At Shades of Australia, we stock a wide range of elegant curtains in different fabrics, patterns, styles, colours, lengths and weaves. Every curtain is custom made with care and attention to detail.

We make classic and contemporary curtains, which include traditional pinch pleats, contemporary wave / S-fold as well as under pelmet curtains. We also boast of a fabric library which includes Zepel Fabrics, Wilson Fabrics, Charles Parsons Fabrics, Gummerson, Charles Dunlop, Slender Morris, Filigree Fabrics, Morris Kain Fabrics, Hoad and Trabeth Textiles in plain, printed, blackouts and sheer fabrics. This allows us to offer an almost unlimited number of permutations and combinations. So even if are looking for very specific type of curtains, you will be spoilt for choice at our Jindalee showroom.

What makes Shades of Australia the best choice for curtains near Brisbane?

We have built a reputation for providing quality customized products at affordable rates. We take care to manufacture every curtain as per the highest quality standards, and fit it with great care. You will find a noticeable difference in the quality of our yarn and weave.

You can enjoy the latest technology in motorized curtain tracks with remote control, for added convenience and simplicity.

We offer an incredibly wide variety of elegant designs and styles, to add more value to any type of interior space.

We invite you to call in to our showroom to see our fabric samples, headings and tracking systems. We are confident that you will fall in love with what you see.

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